Advisory and consultancy regarding Municipal, Zoning and Land Planning Law;

Defense and representation in sanctioning administrative proceedings brought before the direct and indirect Public Administration of all federal entities;

Advisory on administrative expropriation proceedings and other forms of intervention in private property;

Advisory and legal defense in administrative proceedings of accountability filed by the Federal Audit Court and other State Audit Courts;

Client Advisory and representation in all tender modalities (including international tenders) of any federal, state and local government organization, including, among other services, analysis of Requests for Proposal, challenges and administrative recourse, as well as assistance in the elaboration of bids and proposals, consortia participation in tenders, and administrative contracts management;

Advisory and consultancy, covering all levels of government, in concessions and permits licenses for public works and services, administrative authorizations and certifications, as well as advisory and consultancy in ​​infrastructure industries (energy, ports, airports, railways and highways, among others), and other regulated sectors (health surveillance, telecommunication), public-private partnerships, public and private consortia, as well as assessment on regulatory infringements that may affect economic activities;

Assistance in the elaboration of Memorandums of Understanding and negotiation with government organizations in order to establish cooperation terms and agreements;

Client representation in constitutional control lawsuits (including as amicus curiae), constitutional lawsuits (injunctions, class actions, habeas data and public civil lawsuits), annulment of administrative acts and contracts, misconduct, lawsuits on State civil liability, expropriation lawsuits and any other legal procedures involving matters and acts from direct and indirect Public Administration organizations;

Representation and defense before public institutions in cases of administrative improbity, conduct adjustment term and cases related to the Anti-Corruption Law;

Client representation before State Owned Companies from all Federal entities, advisory on applicable legal regime and guidance on corporate governance before such organizations;