Held the position of President of the Brazilian Bar Association – São Paulo Chapter for two terms, as well as Vice President, Treasury Director, Chapter Advisor and President of the Legal Informatics Commission, of which he also presided over with the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association.

In the corporate area, as a lawyer, some of the highlights include his performance in the Legal Consultancy of the Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations – FEBRABAN, on the Strategic Council of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo – FIESP, on the Ethics Committee of the Brazilian Toys Association – ABRINQ and on the High Council for Legal Studies of the Federation of Commerce of the State of São Paulo – FECOMÉRCIO SP.

Among the titles and honors he has received in the legal area are: Degree of Grand Officer of the Labor Court of the 2nd Region, the Medallion of Judicial Merit from the Labor Court of the 15th Region, the Medallion of São Paulo Military Judicial Merit from the Military Court of the State of São Paulo, the Professor Amauri Mascaro Nascimento Medal and the SINSA – Union of Law Firms of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro medal.

Member of the São Paulo Academy of Legal Letters, the São Paulo Academy of Law and the University Council of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo – PUC SP. He is a Doctor Honoris Causa of the Toledo Teaching Institute – University Center of Bauru, Honorary Professor of the Integrated Colleges of Jaú and Professor Emeritus of Santa Cecília University – Unisanta. Was also a professor at FGV University (Continuing Education Program).

Has a recognized dedication to public and social causes, and is also a member of the Historical and Geographical Institute of São Paulo, of the Sustainable Development Council of the City of São Paulo, of the Board of the Viva o Centro Association and of the São Paulo State Police Ombudsman Advisory Council. In this field, among the various titles and honors received, the Grand Cross of the Order of Ipiranga awarded by the Hon. Governor of the State of São Paulo, the Medal of the Constitution awarded by the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo, an Honorable Mention from the Order of Economists of Brazil – OEB, the Ernani Calbucci Medal, awarded by the Regional Accounting Council of São Paulo – CRC SP, the title of Paul Harris Fellow, of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and the 2018 Athenaeum Rotary Award, awarded by the Rotary Club of São Paulo, the Raça Negra Trophy, awarded by the Afro-Brazilian Society for Social and Cultural Development – AFROBRAS, the Professor San Tiago Dantas Medal, from the National Association of Federal Attorneys – Anpaf, the Brasil Esperança Award, granted by the Community Beneficent and Cultural Association of São Paulo Hospital das Clínicas and the 2016 Advocacy Personality Award, from the Brazilian Service Sector Central – CEBRASSE.

Author and co-author of several books and legal articles, in addition to giving numerous national and international courses and lectures, in universities, institutes, associations and courts, on various themes in the legal area.

Member of the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo Chapter, effective partner of the Brazilian Lawyers Institute (IAB), the São Paulo Lawyers Institute (IASP) and the São Paulo Lawyers Association (AASP). Member of the Advocacy Defense Movement (MDA) Council.