Legal due diligence encompassing lawsuit analysis and risk quantification;

Elaboration of legal opinions on complex procedural issues;

Client Representation in lawsuits (including constitutional lawsuits, recognition procedures, enforcement, provisional remedies and special proceedings) before the State and Federal Courts, acting in Supreme Courts (STJ and STF), involving disputes related to Technology, Consumer, Civil, Commercial, Tax, Administrative, Regulatory, Banking, Competition, Agribusiness, Real Estate, Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, among others;

Client Representation in constitutional control lawsuits (including through admission as amicus curiae) and claims before the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Justice in order to preserve the powers of these courts or the authority of their decisions;

Filing of legal documents and oral arguments at State and Federal Courts, as well as at the Federal Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Justice;

Advisory on alternative means for conflict resolution;

Representation on national and international arbitration proceedings;

Acting before the Brazilian Justice to adopt measures to enforce extrajudicial decisions;

Preparation of legal opinions, memoranda and advice on the elaboration of arbitration agreements;

Homologation and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.