Assistance in succession and estate planning, including, among other services, setting up family businesses and appropriate corporate structures, preventing the incurrence of liabilities and family disputes, including corporate governance practices implementation into these business types where necessary;

Contracts and transactions analysis and review involving property rights, guarantees and sureties (purchase and sale of non-fixed and fixed assets, rental, leasing, lending, adverse possession, mortgages, pledges and bonds), supply of services and goods (civil construction transportation, charter, express delivery, among others), as well as entertainment, sports and advertising contracts;

Advice and consultancy on civil law matters, including, among others, matters related to validity of legal business, statute of limitations and decay, personality rights, contractual and extra-contractual legal relations, indemnities, credit securities, company rights, property rights, family law and inheritance law (inheritance, wills and disputed or complex property inventories);

Legal advice and consultancy on commercial contracts, such as corporate acquisitions, collaboration agreements (commission, commercial representation, franchise, among others), insurance contracts and intellectual property agreements (technology and software transfer);

Participation in complex trade agreement negotiations and crisis management in cases that may result in business insolvency;

Advisory and representation on Consumer Protection Agencies, defense of suppliers in punitive administrative proceedings, contract elaboration and review of internet purchases and legal advice related to consumer relations.