Legal advice for conducting capital market transactions;

Representation of investment banks, issuing and offering companies in various capital market operations, including public stock offerings; certificates of deposit of shares and other securities, with efforts for Brazil and/or international sale; Public Stock Offerings; IPO, reacquisition of shares and delisting of publicly traded companies and market securities exchange offers;

Advisory service to financial institutions and asset managers for setting up operations In Brazil and abroad;

Consulting service for structured and complex operations in Brazil and abroad;

Financial system regulatory structure, derivatives and Basel Accords;

Guarantees and warranties structuring: performance bonds, endorsements, fiduciary assignment, commercial and industrial pledges, fiduciary alienation, title retention, among others;

Merger, acquisition and association operations involving financial system organizations and exploration of distribution channels;

Private banking and wealth management consulting;

Investment funds and other types of funds structuring and regulation, taking into account, among other laws, the Brazilian Economic Freedom Act;

Client representation in administrative proceedings filed at the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN), Securities Exchange Commission (CVM) and CRSFN;

Assistance in elaboration and revision of complex bank contracts.