Legal consulting and advisory on rural land acquisitions for agricultural business development;
Advisory on the elaboration, review and negotiation of agricultural contracts, partnerships, rural leases and international contracts, as well as issues related to logistics, transport, storage, insurance and the import and export of commodities, machinery and raw materials;
Advice on matters involving registration, production, packaging, marketing, commercial advertising, usage, import, export, and inspection of pesticides and agricultural supplies;
Advisory and consulting on agricultural sector taxation as well as in matters related to international agreements executed and entered into by the Brazilian Government;
Consulting on agribusiness securities such as Rural Product Certificate – CPR, Agricultural Deposit Certificate – CDA, Agricultural Warrant – WA, Agribusiness Letter of Credit – LCA and Agribusiness Credits Warrant Certificate – CDCA, including judicial and extrajudicial collection of those respective credits;
Guidance and advice on securities trading through the Stock Exchange, bank contracts, credit lines and financial transactions.