Labor Law and Social Security

Preventive and investigative legal due diligence in companies, in order to avoid inaccuracies and additional burdens in work routines, as well as to correct non-compliance; Advisory strategies for labor liability reduction, collective negotiations and agreements, as well as on topics related to workplace health and safety; Legal defense and client representation in preparatory proceedings and public civil inquiries promoted by the Public Labor Prosecutor’s Office (MPT), as well as legal

Civil Litigation and Arbitration

Legal due diligence encompassing lawsuit analysis and risk quantification; Elaboration of legal opinions on complex procedural issues; Client Representation in lawsuits (including constitutional lawsuits, recognition procedures, enforcement, provisional remedies and special proceedings) before the State and Federal Courts, acting in Supreme Courts (STJ and STF), involving disputes related to Technology, Consumer, Civil, Commercial, Tax, Administrative, Regulatory, Banking, Competition, Agribusiness, Real Estate, Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, among others; Client Representation in

Tax Law

Consultancy on the incidence of all taxes and tax regimes; Legal due diligence in M&A operations; Planning of generic and company-specific operations, as well as corporate acquisitions, mergers, incorporations, spin-offs and joint ventures; Obtaining tax incentives, special tax regimes, installments and alike; Elaboration of formal inquiries concerning tax law interpretation to the relevant state authorities; Periodic follow-up on relevant precedents and tax drafting processes (infralegal acts and laws); Elaboration of

Third Sector

Advisory and consultancy related to Non-profit Organizations and foundations (SSA, OS and OSCIP), analysis of the legal risks of activities development, accountability assistance, compliance with regulatory acts, obtaining certificates, tax exemptions and immunity, as well as legal issues related to these organizations’ day to day life.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Advisory on legal aspects concerning relationships between internal stakeholders (boards, directors and shareholders) and external stakeholders (control, legislation and government), covering practices aimed at corporate transparency, isonomy in treatment among shareholders and managers, and corporate responsibility regarding results and legal obligations; Advising on official and internal investigations, as well as company advisory on relevant and complex crises, involving issues related to corporate image and reputation, as well as advisory concerning

Institutional and Government Relations

Client advisory on and legal defense in government issues (legislative, infralegal and regulatory acts), with international and national political scenario analysis (on three government levels), relationship strategies with government agencies and indirect administrative agencies, analysis of rules and regulatory risks, assistance in the elaboration of public policies and relationship with stakeholders; Representation and guidance in public hearings, thematic or special committee sessions held before federal, state and municipal government entities,

Public and Regulatory Law

Advisory and consultancy regarding Municipal, Zoning and Land Planning Law; Defense and representation in sanctioning administrative proceedings brought before the direct and indirect Public Administration of all federal entities; Advisory on administrative expropriation proceedings and other forms of intervention in private property; Advisory and legal defense in administrative proceedings of accountability filed by the Federal Audit Court and other State Audit Courts; Client Advisory and representation in all tender modalities

Capital Market and Banking

Legal advice for conducting capital market transactions; Representation of investment banks, issuing and offering companies in various capital market operations, including public stock offerings; certificates of deposit of shares and other securities, with efforts for Brazil and/or international sale; Public Stock Offerings; IPO, reacquisition of shares and delisting of publicly traded companies and market securities exchange offers; Advisory service to financial institutions and asset managers for setting up operations In

Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Constitution and structuring of corporations, companies, associations and foundations; Corporate reorganizations: equity acquisitions and asset transfers, mergers, incorporations and spin-offs; Joint ventures, investment contracts and strategic alliances; Assistance in elaboration of minutes, articles of incorporation, bylaws, contractual or statutory amendments, shareholders ‘and partners’ agreements, internal administrative regulations, codes of ethics, powers of attorney, memorandums of understanding, non-disclosure agreements as well as any other routine corporate documents relevant to companies, associations